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When I first started working online, I realized that I needed a method of sending email to multiple people other than my Gmail account. I found that Mailchimp was free and easy to use. Honestly, if you are brand new, it is a good option to be able to send out group emails. But I

Who Can You Trust for Secure Hosting ?

I have been working online since 2011 building websites and helping clients with online marketing. When I first started out, I realized that I needed hosting. I saw a short video about setting up a website on Bluehost. I followed along with the instructions and it showed me how to set-up a website on Bluehost.

Building a Profitable Online Business in Internet Marketing

I am wrapping up a course called the Internet Marketing Six Pack by Connie Ragen Green. I am a self-taught web designer and online marketing professional. In this course, I realized a few mistakes that I had been making. These were small mistakes but they were holding me back. This class will help you if

The One Thing that Recharged my Motivation

The One Thing that Recharged my Motivation

Over the holiday, I read the book The One Thing by Gary Keller. I read a lot and I read quickly. It’s one of my gifts. If I find a book helpful, I go back and reread it. ┬áThis is one those books. ┬áKeller gives a fast way of prioritizing your day and your life

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Kimberly “Design” Love helps new entrepreneurs build their business both online and offline. She is an expert in website design and social media marketing. She has written a book entitled The Power of Content Marketing.

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