Habits vs Goals vs New Year’s Resolutions

Habits vs Goals vs New Year’s Resolutions

Habits vs Goals vs New Year’s Resolutions ~ What’s the difference? This morning I went out for my morning walk and I was shocked by how many people were also out walking. Usually, I don’t see very many people on the sidewalks and trails that I walk. Then I remembered that it was January¬†in sunny

How the Most Powerful Entrepreneurs Work More Effectively

Have you ever wondered how the most powerful entrepreneurs work more effectively? I have been enjoying listening to the Peak Work Summit presentations. I have learned so many awesome secrets of top entrepreneurs. I have learned that my sleep patterns make me a dolphin which is nicer than saying insomniac. As an entrepreneur and former

Break It Down Into Steps and Tasks

Break It Down Into Steps and Tasks

How to Break Down Your Big Audacious Goals into Steps and Tasks It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have Big Audacious Goals that you have set for yourself. So much so that I don’t even know where to start. Have you ever had guests¬†over and set out snacks for them to eat like sausage

Start Dreaming & Goal Setting

I live very close to Disney’s Magic Kingdom so I am constantly reminded of Walt Disney’s Dream. As a kid, Disney was called a day-dreamer by his teachers. He loved to clown around and had a hard time staying focused. The good news is Walt never stopped being a dreamer. It’s time for you to

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