How the Most Powerful Entrepreneurs Work More Effectively

Have you ever wondered how the most powerful entrepreneurs work more effectively? I have been enjoying listening to the Peak Work Summit presentations. I have learned so many awesome secrets of top entrepreneurs. I have learned that my sleep patterns make me a dolphin which is nicer than saying insomniac. As an entrepreneur and former

Goals & Dreams Dancing in Your Head

Goals & Dreams Dancing in Your Head

Are Goals and Dreams Dancing in Your Head? This holiday season, instead of visions of sugar plums dancing in my head, goals and dreams have been dancing in my head. Yesterday, my daughter came home from school with an assignment that had her all in a tizzy. Her teacher had asked her to make a

Are You Wondering How to Earn Money from Home ?

Are You Wondering How to Earn Money from Home ?

Are You Wondering How to Earn Money from Home?  If the lure of working from home is appealing to you, have you thought about what type of business you could run from home? There are many types of business models that could be suitable for you. This article will take a look at some of

3 Ways to Spot Business Opportunities

3 Ways to Spot Business Opportunities If you want to be a successful entrepreneur one of the things that youíre going to have to do is be able to recognize opportunity when it knocks. An opportunity to fill a much needed gap in the market or to change your business to take advantage of a

Adult Coloring Books

Adult Coloring Books are the latest rage. If you walk into a book store now, you see a huge array of adult coloring books. I loved coloring as a kid. Even today, if we are at a restaurant with a kids menu and crayons, I will ask for some too. It’s very relaxing to color

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