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21 Day List Building Challenge – Day 19 – Twitter Lead Generation Cards

Twitter Lead Generation Cards are one of the Coolest Inventions since Sliced Bread. Twitter has rolled out a specific ad type – Twitter Lead Generation Cards – to help you build mailing list subscribers directly on Twitter. Twitter users can click one button to subscribe to your mailing list. This advertising option has rolled out

21 Day List Building Challenge – Day 15 – Using Slideshare for List Building

Using Slideshare for List Building If your business is more B2B (Business to Business), Slideshare is an excellent way to attract professionals and content marketers.  This lesser-known social sharing platform can do far more than just be a showcase for PowerPoints. It’s a free way to grow your list, build your following and get thousands

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Kimberly “Design” Love helps new entrepreneurs build their business both online and offline. She is an expert in website design and social media marketing. She has written a book entitled The Power of Content Marketing. DISCLOSURE – Many articles will contain affiliate links for recommended products or services. These are personally used and reviewed by