21 Day List Building Challenge Summary

Over the next 21 days, I am sharing tips and strategies for growing your e-mail subscriber list. List Building is one of the most important things that we can do to grow our business.

Growing your list is not just the result of a one-time process that you set up. It is all about making the most of every opportunity to put yourself out there and get in front of right people – your target market. Because I work with clients both online and offline, I am including ways to stay in touch with both people you meet in public and online.

Savvy small business owners know there are many ways to do that, including these top list-building techniques

21 Day List Building Challenge Summary

Day 1 – Ideal Client

Day 2 – Brainstorm Opt-in Ideas

Day 3 – Keyword Research

Day 4 – Adding an Opt-In to Your Website

Day 5 – Creating a Landing Page

Day 6 – Business Cards & QR Codes

Day 7 – Autoresponder Messages

Day 8 – Mobile App for Your Phone or Tablet

Day 9 – Create a Survey

Day 10 – Import Your Contacts & Offer Free Gift

Day 11 – Send Survey to Social Media

Day 12 – Add Opt-in to Facebook

Day 13 – Add an Opt-in Below Each Post

Day 14 – Multiple Opt-ins

Day 15 – Using Slideshare for List Building

Day 16 – Add an Opt-in to LinkedIn

Day 17 – Share Your Opt-in on Pinterest

Day 18 – Pop-ups for Your Website

Day 19 – Twitter Lead Generation Cards

Day 20 – Facebook Ads to Boost Opt-ins

Day 21 – Make Your Readers Feel Special

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List Building Challenge


Author Bio-Kimberly “Design” Love

Kimberly “Design” Love helps new entrepreneurs build their business both online and offline. She is an expert in website design and social media marketing. She has written a book entitled The Power of Content Marketing.

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