21 Day List Building Challenge – Day 18 – Pop-ups for Your Website

I know, I know pop-ups can be annoying. But when used properly, they can Increase your Opt-ins by 30-100%

Poor pop-ups. Everybody calls them annoying, bad and spammy. But they don’t have to be. Pop-ups don’t have to be bad. They are actually a list builder’s secret weapon. But when they’re used the wrong way, pop-ups can get pretty annoying. Yours don’t have to be.

Pop-ups (also called “pop-overs” or “interstitials”) work so well that even if you tone them down a bit, they work better than almost any other list-building tactic.

30-100% Increase in opt-ins

You can realistically expect that adding a pop-up will increase your opt-in rate by 30-100%. That not hype: That’s normal. There are reports of pop-ups increasing opt-in rates by 1000% or more, but those are unusually good results. Let’s stick with what you can realistically expect.

You, right now – today – can get 30-100% more email subscribers if you add a pop-up to your site. This is especially easy for you to do, because GetResponse gives you a way to shift any opt-in box into a pop-up (or lightbox) with just a few clicks. You don’t need to install any plugins or to spend any money. You’ve already got everything you need.

How to create a pop-up in your GetResponse account

To do this, log into your account, and go to “Web Forms” in the top navigation bar. Find the web form you want to convert into a pop-up and click “Edit”.

Once you’re in the editing view, make sure “Form type” is selected in the left pull-down menu, then click on the “type” pull-down menu to choose whether you want a pop-over or a lightbox.

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